How being sick makes you reflect on your values

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Nobody likes being sick and you feel helpless when your children are sick. It’s an unsettling feeling.

How do you react to your spouse/partner being ill? Do you leave them alone? Do you wait on them hand and foot? Do you do a little bit of both? …

Wade and Liz finally go on their date before the funeral (from the She Was My Best Friend series)

Photo by Anna Vi on Unsplash

I pull into the driveway of my home and look over to Wade’s house across the field.

I am looking forward to today. He definitely was correct about needing a distraction, especially after everything that has happened over what seems an eternity. After what I’ve learned from the boys today…

Aquarius Moon

Life's too short not to. Let the eclectic creative dreamer out. Purging whatever’s on my mind. Real-life or Fantasy.

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